PhD Students

There are several openings for PhD students for rolling September and January start. Candidates should have a Masters degree with concentration in Human Factors Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Informatics or related fields. To apply, please send a letter of intent, a sample of writing, and your CV to

Masters Students

There are several openings for Masters students for Fall, Spring, and Summer semester entry. Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Industrial/Systems Engineering, Computer Science, informatics or related field. To apply, please send your resume/CV and a letter of intent to

Undergraduate Students

HSILab has several open positions for undergraduate students with varying levels of experience (from Freshmen to Super-Seniors). To apply please contact Dr. Asan at or visit his office.

What skills do Undergraduate Researchers would pickup at HSI-Lab?

  • Qualitative Data Analysis (interviews, observational data, focus groups)
  • Quantitative Data Analysis (statistical analysis, data analytics)
  • Attend Scientific Conferences 
  • Build knowledge in healthcare field 
  • Publish Conference and Journal Papers 
  • Gain Research credits for your work 
  • Design and Develop Prototypes
  • Work with Graduate students